En+ Group And IrkutskEnergo To Receive Four Million Tonnes CO2eq In Bratsk HPP JI Project


En+ Group And IrkutskEnergo To Receive Four Million Tonnes CO2eq In Bratsk HPP JI Project

Now that all the procedures under the Kyoto Protocol, including an international audit, have been completed, the Project will be submitted for the first JI projects competition commissioned by the RF Ministry of Economic Development and organized by Sberbank of Russia.
The project to replace six water wheels of Bratsk HPP with more efficient ones was launched in 2006; five wheels have already been installed so far, the sixth to be put in place in 2010. The new wheels will generate higher capacity for Bratsk HPP at the unchanged water amount, which, in turn, will create an opportunity to substitute power produced by the region’s coal power plants and reduce CO2 emission.
Bratsk HPP will be able to produce extra 3.5bn kWh during the period when the Kyoto Protocol is in effect (2008 – 2012).
The Kyoto-related activities within the project were launched by En+ Group and OAO IrkutskEnergo’s experts in September 2009. It took them less than 4 months to produce the project documentation, to have a public discussion and to make an international audit required by the Kyoto Protocol.
En+ Group Deputy CEO Jivko Savov commented: “This is Russia’s first successful JI project related to the modernization of a large hydropower plant – and we’re especially proud that En+ Group and OAO IrkutskEnergo have been able to make it within a record breaking time. The project we’ve made at Bratsk HPP is the evidence of what the Kyoto mechanisms provide: it’s both greenhouse gas emission reduction – thus fighting the climate change – and also higher reliability of power generating facilities. The experience we’ve gained we shall use in our cooperation with other Russian HPP owners”.


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